Technology Transformations in Retail

New technology is changing every aspect of our life at a rapid rate. In the retail industry, in particular, the latest tech is altering our shopping experiences, covering everything from self-service tills to virtual changing rooms. The burning question is whether the latest advances are worth the extra costs - which are ultimately passed on to the consumer. High street stores are being brought into the 21st century so they can compete with their online counterparts, but the new technology...
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The Little Things that go a Long Way!

When you run a business, attracting new customers is the first hurdle, but equally important is making sure they return, time after time. Excellent customer service is the key to your continued success. Good service lets your customers know how much you care about developing a long-term relationship with them. This means far more to the majority of customers than just buying a good product. When you focus on delivering the best customer service, your business will benefit in numerous ways....
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Retail Environment Negativity Doesn’t Pay: Things you Should Never Say!

The key to success in the retail industry is providing customers with the best possible shopping experience, leaving them with a positive feeling after using your business. Although selling a good selection of high-quality items is crucial, the way in which you sell them is equally as important. When it comes to great customer service, a positive tone and friendly language are vital. Retailers who use words and phrases that may give the wrong image can impact on customers' overall shopping...
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A Good Store Layout Can Keep Customers Coming Back!

A good store layout is a key element in your business's success, making sure satisfied customers return time and time again. With growing competition from online retailers, the importance of keeping the customer happy when shopping in your physical store can't be over-emphasised. To complete the whole instore experience, customers take in everything about their surroundings, so it's crucial that everything is right. What people want is an easy shopping trip without any hassle, so be sure t...
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Consumer Rights

Consumer rights can seem confusing to the uninitiated but it's well worth arming yourself with a knowledge of the law in relation to the Consumer Rights Act 2015, so you know what to do if you feel you've been treated unfairly. As a consumer you have certain rights, depending on the type of contract you've entered into - whether you've bought a car, booked a holiday, purchased items from a retailer, or signed up for an insurance policy, if you're not happy with the goods or service you've ...
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Toys R Us: The Demise

Retail giant Toys R Us recently went into administration. 105 UK stores are expected to close in the coming weeks, resulting in 3,000 job losses. The toy brand has been plunged into financial chaos. As well as a £15 million tax bill, it owes £238 million to its creditors, including £74 million to its employee pension fund. Children still love toys, and other toy retailers are thriving, so what went wrong for Britain's biggest toy store? Continue Reading

How Reviews Can Help to Improve your Business

If you're not currently utilising online customer reviews, you should be, as you're missing out on the many benefits. Studies have found that reviews have a significant influence on potential customers' buying decisions. In fact, surveys have revealed around 90% of customers trust online reviews, in the same way as they trust recommendations from their friends and family. Potential customers are more inclined to trust businesses who have received positive reviews, because they are "social ...
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