What is KEW Electrical?

KEW Electrical is an award-winning, independent electrical wholesaler predominantly based in the South of England and Belfast in Northern Ireland. It was established 25 years ago by Geoff Kerly, now Chairman of the company. KEW’s main customers are electricians and contractors but they do serve the public as well.

We are extremely pleased to announce that KEW has recently subscribed to our top Orbit plan and became a Psydro Verified Business. In just a few weeks, the company has collected over 70 reviews, most of them ‘Verified’ (the customer has written a review after purchasing from them) and holds an impressive star rating average of 4.9/5.

How it Started

Geoff left school when he was 16-years-old and went to work for an electrical wholesaler. He worked for different companies for 17 years, and after that decided to open his own business. He wasn’t really sure what he was doing and had no prior experience running a business. Geoff had no money, no stock, no supplier accounts and no customer accounts, but he was still determined to give it a go.

During his first month, “I (Geoff Kerly) started calling on various customers that I’d known over the years trying to get some business out of them. In month one, I turned over £23,000 by literally buying a product from someone for £10, then if I could sell it for £13, and the bloke wanted 100 of them, I made 300 pounds.”

His turnover quickly grew from £23,000 to £40,000, £60,000 then £80,000. At that point, he hired two staff members and opened the first KEW establishment in Portslade, near Brighton.

An Award-Winning Business

Saying KEW Electrical is an award-winning business is an understatement. The company has won several awards every year, and the pandemic hasn’t disrupted its streak either. They now have two more Electrical Wholesaler Awards to add to their cabinet: Branch of the Year for Dover and, for the first time, Best Wholesaler with 26 or more branches.

But it doesn’t end there. KEW has also been selected as one of the 1,000 companies to inspire Britain. This has been judged by the London Stock Exchange Group, which identifies the most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK and Europe.

It’s incredible to think that 25 years ago, Geoff was working alone from his back bedroom and car, not knowing where his entrepreneurial activity would lead him. Today, the company is filled with experienced staff situated within 26 branches and led by a board of directors, each with over 30 years of electrical wholesale experience.

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Helping Out the Community  

KEW Electrical is not just a business but also a social enterprise. Geoff himself is very involved with Canine Partners, a charity that partners people who have physical disabilities with assistance dogs.

On a more communal level, the company is very active with The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC). Also, every year, the staff participate in Christmas Jumper Day to support Children in Need, Macmillan’s Mornings and many more. What’s more, the Chichester branch has been involved with BBC DIY SOS, and the Guildford branch sponsored the Phyllis Tuckwell hospice football match to support the local community.

How Has the Pandemic Affected KEW?

At the start of the pandemic, KEW Electrical, like many other businesses,  was unprepared to deal with what had come. The company’s new management team instituted daily meetings covering financial and safety issues whilst working with its suppliers to trade through this period of uncertainty. Unfortunately, around 250 of the company’s 400 staff members had been furloughed in April, unable to continue working.

However, by July 2020, business was back to pre-Covid 19 levels and by October, the majority of the staff had returned to work. Yet again, as the situation in the UK continued to worsen during the winter months, the announcement of a third lockdown in January 2021 meant that a few staff members had been returned to furlough or part-time furlough.

Nonetheless, KEW Electrical has learnt to run the business safely and effectively during these unprecedented times. The company is not only surviving the pandemic but is also in the strongest financial shape it has ever been.


Here is just a small selection of the reviews that KEW has received on Psydro so far:

The whole team at KEW Canterbury are always ready to help out and get that last-minute panic order sorted, nothing is too much trouble for our man, Ben, a pleasure to deal with, great team effort even to the guys in Brighton who deliver to us on occasion 👍

–       Ecoelectrical

I always get attended to as if I were part of a family , very patient, quality products and good prices.

–       lighthutt

We have always had first class service from our local branch, Billingshurst. No matter what our current electrical job is, big or small, the staff are always helpful and offer great advice. The delivery service is also very helpful. Thank you, Billingshurt Kew crew.

–       georginad

Check out  KEW Electrical’s page on Psydro to read more reviews.

The company joined Psydro four years ago and recently upgraded to the Orbit plan “to help maintain our incredibly high standards and boost online footprint. Reviews are becoming more powerful by the day, and it’s important we found a review platform that fits our identity while not taking up a large portion of the week to maintain.”

KEW’s favourite features are Consumer Insights, Capture as well as Automated Feedback Requests and Replies. These tools allow them to gather feedback and respond to reviews “without having to lift a finger.”

The Future

When asked what does the future hold for KEW Electrical, General Manager, Nick Kerly, said: “I think we will concentrate on staff development, keeping up with the newest trends in the industry, chasing that £100 million turnover while still maintaining a family run business ethos.”

This year, the company will also start transitioning their transportation into hybrid/electrical vehicles, doing their part to fight climate change. They have taken this first step in their Brighton branch, providing their staff with EV charging stations.

A case study Kew Electrical a Psydro verified business employee ready to roll for work.

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