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As seen in Chapter One, many challenges can arise during a company’s growth journey, including the damaging effects of malicious reviews. Unfortunately, encountering negative and fake reviews is not the only obstacle businesses face. Another setback that is often overlooked is the lack of brand awareness. 

Why is this a big problem? Consider this: if consumers cannot find your brand and do not know who you are, it becomes incredibly challenging to attract new customers and generate conversions, limiting your business’ success.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the importance of brand awareness and explore some effective strategies to increase it. Let’s get started!


Do You Have a Brand Awareness Problem?

The competition one finds online is fierce, to say the least. It’s a ruthless environment where being mediocre won’t get you far. You either become visible and recognizable or risk failure. Unfortunately, it’s as simple as that.

Brand awareness is the first step in the customer’s journey, and this initial contact determines whether they will become a potential lead. However, if they don’t get to this stage and learn who you are, they will never become a customer and buy from you. So, even though the conversion stage is arguably the most important short-term goal, you should also give a reasonable amount of time and attention to increasing your brand awareness.

If you’re struggling to achieve this, you may have one or more of the following issues.

First, is your content currently ranking low on search engines? If that’s the case, internet users will never learn about your business and offers, making your marketing strategy pointless.

It could also be that you are failing to reach your target audience. You might be doing everything else right, but if you put your content in front of someone who will never be interested in your product or service, you’ll never build quality awareness that can turn a person into a potential lead.

Perhaps you’ve addressed both of the above, but your brand isn’t perceived correctly, which is stopping you from building awareness. Ask yourself this question: if someone viewed your content, could they clearly explain what you do, your unique selling points, and your value proposition without hesitation? Keep in mind that if your potential customers don’t have an accurate idea of your brand, they will lose interest and focus their attention elsewhere.

Solution: Steps to Improving Your Brand Awareness

Improve Your SEO

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, consider becoming more visible online by improving your SEO. One of the simplest methods to achieve this is through guest posting and link building on authoritative sites. This way, you can increase your website’s backlinks, which will help you rank higher for specific keywords on Google.

Another way to improve your chances of showing up on search engines is by having multiple listings. In fact, the more listings you have, the greater your chance of being visible for your ranked keywords. Joining social media platforms, third-party review sites like Psydro, and any other online space where you have your own page will get you a new listing.

Be Active on Social Media

You can achieve greater brand awareness by regularly posting on social media. By giving updates, offering value (e.g. a discount or an informative blog post), and constantly underlining your message and branding, followers will have a clear notion of who you are and the value you bring to customers. Also, if your posts perform well, they will get social shares, allowing your content to be seen by a larger audience and creating even more brand awareness.

Let’s not forget that being active on these platforms can even help you make more sales in the long run as 77% of shoppers prefer buying with brands they follow on social media.

Learn About Your Target Audience

Keep in mind that not every platform and marketing method will be the right fit for you. So, make sure to learn where your audience spends its time. For instance, what is their preferred social media platform? Do they spend a lot of time checking emails? Are they constantly using search engines to get answers for their work? Do they participate in industry events? If you’re unsure, the best option is to try several strategies and see which ones get the most engagement and generate the most leads.

Finally, make sure you know who your target audience is by carrying out proper research and testing. As we’ve discussed, there’s no point in trying to make someone aware of your brand if they will never be interested in your offering.

Take Action to Boost Your Brand Awareness and Drive Business Success

Brand awareness is the first contact between you and your target audience, and depending on whether you do it right or wrong, it will define your entire relationship. When they can easily find you online and understand your offering and the value you bring to customers, they’re more likely to stick with you and move further down the funnel. On the other hand, if you fail to achieve any of the above, your chances of succeeding as a business become very slim. For this reason, it’s vital to take the necessary steps to increase your brand awareness and get out of your current state of stagnant growth.

If you find yourself in need of help, BrandGrowth has a track record of helping companies improve their brand awareness through SEO, content creation and online reputation management. If you’re interested and would like to learn more, please book a free consultation today.


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