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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new business growth service, BrandGrowth. Our pioneering and innovative strategy has been meticulously developed and tested to manage every aspect of a business’s growth, allowing our clients to focus on other crucial tasks of running a company.

But what is BrandGrowth and what benefits does it offer? To gain a deeper understanding, we interviewed our co-founder, Ben Page, about this exciting new service.

An Interview About BrandGrowth  

Question #1: First of all, what is BrandGrowth? 

BrandGrowth is a service aimed at helping businesses grow. We do this by looking at SEO, online reputation management strategies and social validation. Through this, our goal is to help our clients become more visible on Google, increase their website traffic, solidify their reputation and build stronger customer relationships.

Question #2: How did BrandGrowth start? 

BrandGrowth was born out of customer demand.

For those who aren’t aware, my business partner Tony and I run Psydro, a reputation management SaaS company. Over the years, clients asked us if we also offered SEO and content creation services. Although we didn’t at the time, the demand made us consider the possibility. With over three decades of combined experience in SEO, SaaS, and e-commerce, we felt confident in our ability to integrate our reputation management strategy with other digital marketing techniques to help our clients, and other businesses looking for this type of service, grow.

Question #3: Am I right in saying BrandGrowth is similar to a marketing agency, or is it different? 

Well, we do offer services to help businesses grow online, so in that sense, yes, we are similar to a marketing agency. However, there’s much more to BrandGrowth than just that.

When Tony and I were discussing the strategy behind this business growth plan, we made sure that this was going to be an evolution from traditional agencies that, in our opinion, only do half the job. In fact, from our experiences as business owners, we have dealt with many marketing and SEO agencies. We always felt like we weren’t getting the results promised or that we had to use multiple agencies to grow our business, leading to wasted time and financial losses.

So, due to past experiences, we decided to combine digital marketing strategies with brand reputation management and social validation, a formula that can’t be replicated by any other business. It’s a unique offering that encompasses different factors to truly help any business grow.

Question #4: Can you tell me a bit more about this unique formula? 

Of course! So, as mentioned before, this service uses three different techniques to achieve business growth: online reputation management, SEO and social validation.

With the former, our aim is to protect clients against malicious UGC, improve their Customer Lifetime Value and increase brand awareness. For SEO, we look to increase exposure on Google, get a higher Domain Authority and improve website traffic and click through rates. Whilst, through social validation, we solidify a client’s online credibility, offer customer insights into products and services and improve their customer retention.

By achieving all this, we can truly help any business grow and get them one step closer to achieving its goals.

In fact, we trialled this formula with two of our Psydro clients who were interested in this new service. It turned out we exceeded the forecasted 3 and 6-month goals for both businesses. I was extremely impressed by the results this plan had yielded and I knew from that moment that we had developed something powerful.

Question #5: To finish off, you already mentioned some benefits to joining BrandGrowth. Are there any more you can think of or would like to mention? 

Yes, there are many additional benefits to using BrandGrowth.

Firstly, as opposed to some agencies, our service is not limited to time spent, which means we work the hours it takes to achieve the agreed results.

Also, every client that uses our service will receive monthly reports, check-in calls and quarterly assessments to ensure we are on track and meeting all our targets. During this time, there’s the option to amend the strategic plan if needed so we can always get the best results.

To get the most attentive support, our customers will get a Slack group chat with direct access to Tony and myself as well as their dedicated account manager. They also have the option to contact us via email or telephone.

There are many more benefits that come with this plan. If anyone is interested in the specifics, they can book a 15-minute discovery call or contact me at and I will email them more information about this service, including an outline of the first three months and a thorough list of everything they can get with this growth plan.

Take Your Business to the Next Level With BrandGrowth 

To anyone who was looking to learn about BrandGrowth, we hope you now have a better understanding of what this service entails. However, if your thirst for knowledge hasn’t been satisfied yet, please remember to book a discovery call or email our co-founder at You can also view our media pack which includes specific information about the features and benefits that come with this new growth plan.

Thank you for taking the time to read this interview blog post about BrandGrowth and we hope you will consider us as your chosen business growth solution service.

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