Increasing concerns about the damage we’re causing to our environment have led businesses to seek more ways of going greener. The effects of global warming are relevant to all of us – so whether you run a small business or a huge corporation, take steps to ensure you’re not part of the problem.

Everyone can contribute to tackling global warming, even if you take only small actions. Minor changes to run your business in an eco-friendly manner all add up on a global level to reduce our overall environmental impact. As well as being good for the environment, running a greener business is good for your reputation.

Make business greener

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According to a consumer survey, published by Forbes in November 2018, 87% of consumers had a more positive image of any company that supported social or environmental causes. They said they would be “more loyal” to such a company, with 68% of respondents having bought a product with an environmental benefit in the past year.

Consumer studies suggest the environmental impact of business activities is a growing concern. As a company, you may worry that efforts to become greener may cost you money. However, in light of consumer preferences, can you afford NOT to go green?

Here are a few simple ways you can make your business greener, which won’t cost the Earth!



Providing recycling bins for employees is perhaps the simplest way to make your business greener. Install different-coloured bins for paper, cardboard, plastic and metal cans in various places around the workplace, so that people will get into the habit of using them.

Many households already recycle and people are used to separating their rubbish, so it will only be a small transition to start recycling at work. Managers should lead by example to get their staff recycling in no time.


Provide information

Keep your staff in the loop when it comes to how invaluable their recycling efforts are. Letting them know the benefits of their individual activities can spur them into becoming even greener. For example, according to scientists, one empty drinks can saves enough energy to run a TV set for three hours!

A recycled glass bottle provides sufficient energy to power a computer for 25 minutes, while a recycled plastic bottle provides sufficient energy to run a 60-watt light bulb for three hours. There’s always plenty of waste paper in the office of every business. Let your staff know it takes 70% less energy to recycle paper, compared with manufacturing it from scratch.


Cleaning products

Many cleaning products contain chemicals that have damaging effects on the environment. They can also affect your health. Switching to non-toxic cleaning products with natural ingredients is better for the environment and will protect your skin and your lungs from potentially harmful ingredients.


Conserve water

Save money and help the environment by fixing any leaking pipes, taps and faucets. This can stop your business from wasting gallons of water. Ask a qualified plumber to check your system and ask for professional advice on how to reduce your business’s water footprint. You can install an eco-friendly water system to reduce water wastage.


Bicycle storage

Provide somewhere for staff to safely leave their bicycles during the day, to give them a greater incentive to cycle to work. Many companies provide lock-ups where employees can park bikes up, reducing the risk of theft. This can reduce pollution and also cut travelling costs.


Trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs are an important part of the ecosystem, as they provide filters against pollution. If you’re planning to landscape your outdoor areas, plant as much greenery as possible. It will all grow with very little effort on your part, except for the occasional watering during dry and hot weather. Having indoor plants in the workplace can help to improve air quality.


Alternative power

Look into alternative green energy sources to power your business. Investigate the options, such as wind power, solar power and water power. There are numerous sources that don’t use Earth’s resources or release toxins into the atmosphere. Making the changes will reduce your company’s energy bills, so you can recover the installation costs in the long term.


Replacing appliances

Look into replacing your workplace’s electrical appliances with more energy-efficient alternatives. Today’s modern electronic items have energy star ratings to show their efficiency. Do an energy check on your appliances to see which ones offer low energy usage. Then, you can make a balanced choice about what to buy next.

Find out which electronic items are recyclable, so yours don’t end up in landfills when you replace them. This can include handing them in to the retailers’ own recycling programme, or giving them to schools and charities. As long as your electrical items aren’t more than five years old, there are plenty of places where they can be recycled.


Sustainable suppliers

Improve your business’s carbon footprint by looking into your supply chain and sourcing products from eco-friendly suppliers. Green procurement makes your business more environmentally friendly, while also fostering closer collaboration with local suppliers.

Use goods that are recyclable, non-toxic and made from renewable materials. Create a procurement policy that commits to conserving energy and water, reducing waste, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and using renewable energy sources. Work on creating a local business community with potential suppliers, based on these shared ideals.



Light-Emitting Diode (LED) technology can revolutionise your lighting, making your premises greener. It uses less electricity and emits more lumens per watt. Efficiency never wavers and the lights can be as big or as small as you require. They light up almost immediately, achieving full brightness in less than a second.

Combining as many green schemes as possible can make your workplace more eco-friendly and boost consumers’ respect for your company. Find out how Psydro’s business platform can help businesses to improve sales through the help of reviews.

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