Jackson Waste Disposal became a Psydro Verified Business, subscribing to our top Orbit plan, in 2017. Founded by Dean Jackson, the sustainable and transparent waste collection company lends its services throughout the whole of Sussex, with the majority of its work based along the coast.

What Is Jackson Waste Disposal?

Jackson Waste Disposal is a family run business providing all aspects of waste management and consultancy to anyone keen to reduce their environmental impact and save money by doing so.

When asked why Jackson Waste Disposal was created, Dean, the Owner of the company, said:

“When I was working as a builder, I was intrigued by what happened to all the waste materials since it was so expensive to pay for waste collections. I felt I could offer a better service for a cheaper cost and recycle more materials than the present waste collection companies. This thought was planted in my mind and stayed with me for over a year. Once I received the awful news that my father was passing away due to a terminal illness, I knew it was time for me to stand on my own and start the business.”

How Is Jackson Waste Disposal Different from its Competitors?

Jackson Waste Disposal offers all aspects of waste services collected directly from them or through their inclusive group of companies who they work closely with. The company provides specialist pre-recycled collections including wood waste, plasterboard/gypsum, cardboard, hardcore/aggregate, soil/muck away and green waste.

Dean explains that his main aim is to provide a sustainable, friendly and affordable service. One of the main ways he manages to do so is by treating his employees with fairness and respect.

“We bend over backwards to ensure our company offers the best advice moving forward into saving money and having a conscious mind in knowing you made the right choice. Trust, honesty and transparency are the core values that represent our company, everything else comes naturally through the relationship we build with our employees and customers.”

Not Just a Waste Collection Company

Jackson Waste Disposal has been involved with charity work since day one, offering litter picking services for charity events. As the company grew, so did the loyalty to their community and charities. They have provided bins, banners, and litter picking services to ensure many community events were kept clean and tidy, with the biggest footfall being 10-12 thousand people.

“We recently provided a free service for collecting over a 1,000 Christmas trees over 3 days. This service raised almost £10,000 for a charity event which wouldn’t have gone ahead without us due to the restrictions put in for Covid-19.”

How Is Psydro Helping Jackson Waste Disposal?

“Having Psydro as a platform for my company is great! It gives us the chance to show off our work ethics and commitment to providing an amazing service and most importantly, be recognized for it. Psydro’s unique features have been critical to our growth over the past three years.”

Dean and the rest of the team have been using our unique Capture feature to collect real-time feedback on their service. Through their Psydro business dashboard, the team can turn their smartphone or tablet into a point of sale review capture device. However, today, due to the current situation, they are sharing the Capture link with their customers, so there’s no need to share devices and thus keep safe and socially distanced. If customers are in a rush, they can also ask to review their service later on as a reminder will be emailed to them.

Becoming a Psydro Verified Business has helped Jackson Waste Disposal grow and become more visible online. Also, their customer reviews have helped attract new customers and become a transparent and validated waste collection company in the UK.

Reviews Matter

Jackson Waste Disposal’s merchant page has a 5-star review rating average based on 31 reviews. Their second to none service has prompted all customers to give Jackson Waste Disposal 5 stars, each review underlining their professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the reviews left by customers on Jackson Waste Disposal’s merchant page.

I was recommended Jackson Waste by a good friend of mine and needed a lot of waste collected from my garage quite quickly. Spoke with Dean who listened to what I needed and the job was done within two days. The two guys who turned up were very polite and bang on time – so everything from start to finish was perfect. I will be using them again and would definitely champion them. – Jennyfrost

Always got time to fit me in and makes sure the job is done to perfection.👍 Must have used JWD more than 20 times over the last 3-4 years and can honestly say, I would never use another company because I am certain I would be let down by their service as I now expect the perfect service JWD has provided. 😃 – dslkjpasdjfjsjs

Nothing but a perfect service every single time! Without fail Dean and the boys go above and beyond to help and that was evident again today as I had an urgent collection that had to go to make way for a delivery tomorrow morning. I would not use another waste disposal company and I will be a customer for life. – homes

Everyone involved with the business are well mannered, sweet boys. And Dean is by far one of the most wonderful, professional people I’ve possibly ever had the pleasure to meet. Couldn’t complain about any of them, would be a wonderful choice for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with unpleasant services. – Jmoreau

Other reviews on Jackson Waste Disposal can be found here.

Psydro verified business jackson waste disposal

Joining Psydro Has its Benefits

The overall consensus shows every customer that has written on Psydro would recommend this company. From the customer reviews on Psydro, Jackson Waste Disposal offers an incredible waste collection service that goes above and beyond their customer’s expectations.

We are grateful to Jackson Waste Disposal for choosing Psydro as it’s leading review platform. We have seen them thrive throughout the years, and we’re certain they will keep growing and expanding as a company in the years to come.

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