What Is Second Voice

Founded in 2015, Second Voice (Psydro verified business) is one of the most widely recommended consultancies for the startup sector. With over 20 years of experience in launching and scaling businesses, Second Voice enables startup founders to grow and increase revenue. The company also supports NatWest with their accelerator programmes in London and the South East to help entrepreneurs with their business.

When asked who their customers are, Ben Bennett, the Founder of Second Voice, said: “Initially, Second Voice was launched to support growing sales teams to upskill and increase revenue generation, but the business has organically evolved to enable founders of B2B startups to grow their companies through sales and operations efficiencies.

Today, my customers are all B2B founder-led startups who want to see significant growth across many aspects of their business, not purely revenue. They are the most exciting and ambitious people that I have ever been fortunate to collaborate with.”

What Service Do they Offer?

The team at Second Voice understand the struggles of launching and growing a successful business. It’s not easy to be a startup; the intense competition, the overly crowded market, the constant fight for customer attention. Honestly, it’s hard if you don’t know where to start from. However, with the right tools and expertise, a startup can not only survive but also rise above the initial struggle and be recognised as a credible and successful business.

Second Voice helps you build a new sales strategy and target the right personas on the right mediums. By working through their programme, you will also understand who your ideal customer is and create a customer journey through CRM, turning leads into customers. Finally, the team at Second Voice will see if your own people have all the right skills to effectively grow your business and, if they don’t, then they will help you source and onboard the right people and/or upskill your existing team.

How Has the Pandemic Affected the Company?

“I have been fortunate in the fact that I support other companies navigate circumstances such as the pandemic, so my business has remained consistent and in some areas grown, but not all have been as fortunate. My business model has adjusted from project-based consultancy to becoming a longer-term support and enablement coach for my clients.”

As mentioned previously, growing a startup is not an easy task, and even more now during the pandemic. Today, small businesses not only have to reach out to their potential customers and promote their products/services, but also adapt to the constant changes and regulations put forth by the government.

That’s why receiving help from an experienced pair of hands with decades of experience, like Second Voice, can safely and effectively grow your business. Thus eliminating the trial and error process whilst saving you precious time and money.

Ben Bennett: The Face of Second Voice

Ben is the Founder and Managing Partner of Second Voice, with over 20 years of experience within the business growth sector. He takes time to understand a business’s ethos and needs and tailors a strategy that will help the startup acquire commercial competence. He has already worked with and trained hundreds of businesses of all sizes, giving them the right tools to help deliver commercial and operational success.

Some would say that Ben has an unhealthy obsession with performance metrics and refinement, a trait that has become particularly useful when working with startups. He is also a regular contributor within the Brighton business community, using his knowledge and experience to mentor entrepreneurs.

With Ben, you know you’re in good hands.

Picture of Ben Bennett, the Face of Second Voice (Psydro verified business).

Why Choose Second Voice

“The Federation of Small Businesses states that SMEs make up 99.9% of the UK business population with 6 million businesses (and growing) out there. Unfortunately, 20% of startups will fail in their first year, and 60% will not make it beyond three years.

I make it my mission through my business to help as many of these companies reach their goals, and hopefully, play a small part in the positive impact they, in turn, have on the UK economy. If there is any B2B startup out there unsure of what their next move should be, then I am more than happy to have an impartial conversation with them to explore opportunities for them.”

If interested, please contact Ben via email at ben@secondvoice.co.uk.

Second Voice has helped numerous businesses throughout these 6 years, one of them being Psydro. As a startup, we knew what we wanted to achieve, but we didn’t have enough prior experience in this sector to grow as much as we desired. Also, due to the intricate, time-consuming development of the products and services we now offer, it didn’t leave much time to focus on a sales strategy.

Here’s an excerpt from Psydro’s Co-Founder, Tony Ward:

“Over the next 6 months, we (Ben and I) worked on a brief, a marketing plan and hiring strategy along with extensive research of our main competitors and what sets us apart, so we can understand our target customer personas, where they hang out and exactly how we can get their attention. At the end of the 6 months, we have achieved all of that and more, along with on-boarding some great staff that are really talented. I am now excited to see what we can do with our product and we will definitely be working with Ben again in the future.”

It’s been an exciting and profitable experience working with Ben. We know first hand that Second Voice will successfully help any startup reach its goals and full potential. Second Voice is a trusted partner and, like many other businesses out there, we highly recommend Second Voice to anyone who is struggling to grow their business.


Here are some of Second Voice’s reviews on Psydro. If you would like to read more reviews, please go check their page on our platform.

After reading Ben’s comprehensive report on our growth, which he produced after extensive research into our business, the market and the opportunities, it all became clear what we needed to do. Ben was also great fun to work with, very approachable and always made time to answer our questions. If you’re looking to grow your business, speak to this guy!

Ben is an extraordinary trainer. He came in to do sales training for me and my team and blew us all away. He instilled in us confidence and a sales process which has proved to work for us time and time again. He can take someone with little confidence and experience and turn them into a confident and proficient salesperson.

Ben treated me as a partner encouraging my input and giving me the confidence to trust myself to make positive change. Ben seeks out ideas and makes those ideas part of the solution. Please reach out to Ben if you want to grow yourself and your business.

Why Does Second Voice Use Psydro?

Ben, having studied our product, knows exactly how beneficial our features are for businesses who want to become more visible online, build their credibility and generate new leads. For this reason, Second Voice recently decided to join our top Orbit plan.

“I think all Psydro plans offer value, but for me, Orbit was the right solution for my needs. I now have a powerful marketing tool at my disposal, with the ability to collect reviews, but more importantly, client feedback. You asked about how I adapt, and the answer is always to give your customers what they want and need. Psydro gives me that insight in order to act quickly and strategically.”


Future Goals

When asked what does the future hold for Second Voice, Ben said: “It has taken me time to evolve my business to the point that it provides my clients with the tools and experience for them to grow, as well as offering me the opportunity to build my network and brand profile. Consistency is key, with opportunities to evolve presenting themselves along the way but, for now, it is focusing on delivering for my clients.”

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