We have recently partnered with an innovative start-up that shares many of our values: Reccobiz. Reccobiz provides the tools to allow small business owners to keep their existing customers engaged as well as attract new customers and grow their business.

We believe the most important partnerships are the ones that share a common objective. For instance, both Psydro and Reccobiz offer a space where small businesses can attract new customers and become more visible online.

These platforms are also used to solidify meaningful interactions between consumers and businesses. Indeed, through social tools, both parties can develop their relationship whilst building trust and credibility.

We spoke to Camilla Medcalf, the co-founder of Reccobiz, about her business. She was kind enough to give us a real insight into the Reccobiz platform and explain what it can do for anyone who joins its community.

Reccobiz: Linking consumers with recommended local businesses

How does Reccobiz work?

The Reccobiz platform lets business owners create a locally found business listing. This is a way to showcase your products, your work, and more – including videos!

Reccobiz is a way to directly communicate with your customers and reach out to attract new ones. It is a way to join forces with others in similar industries through networking events and much more.

Why was Reccobiz created?

Reccobiz was created to specifically help sole traders and small businesses in any industry. We wanted to create something that offers more than a business directory and is simpler to use than social media. We wanted to offer small businesses a cost-effective solution that is a level playing field for everyone, not just businesses with a large marketing budget.

Why is this platform beneficial to businesses and consumers?

It allows business owners to communicate easily and effectively with their current customers and attract new customers through the online platform. In addition to this, Reccobiz has networking groups that meet both virtually and in person. This allows business owners to build relationships with others and benefit from referral marketing and valuable collaborations.

For the public, they can find any business in any industry and find out all they want to know about that business via their Reccobiz page. They can communicate freely with them, follow them and keep up to date with what they are doing. They can also refer and recommend trustworthy and reliable businesses quickly and easily to their family and friends and even find local events and groups on subjects of interest.

Why did Reccobiz partner with Psydro?

What Psydro is doing compliments the Reccobiz offering, and they support small businesses too. From a Reccobiz business listing page, a consumer can click the link and easily see the business’s Psydro testimonials.

A Common Goal: How does Psydro’s mission relate to Reccobiz?

As Reccobiz, Psydro is all about purposeful interactions, making connections, increasing a company’s visibility and helping them achieve its business goals. We do this in several ways.

The social element

Psydro users can follow and message each other, just like on social media. We added this social element for two main reasons. Firstly, to build an online community where consumers can spend time talking to other reviewers and making new connections. However, this is also a chance for potential customers to get more information about a company. Through the message button on reviews, they can start a conversation with the past customer and ask for more detailed information about that business. There is no better way of getting a real insight about something than by talking to someone who’s already experienced it.

This is certainly helpful to shoppers, but also businesses. If past customers have had a positive experience with your company, they will be more likely to share encouraging comments about you with other people. In other words, they’ll be selling on your behalf through the power of word of mouth recommendations and social proof.

Online visibility

By joining Psydro, businesses can gain a new listing (rich snippet) on Google, improving their SEO and thus their online visibility. Also, the Google Quality Rater guidelines state that content is one of the most important ranking considerations. Hence, the more user-generated content (e.g. reviews) one has, the more visible they’ll become in the long run.

We don’t stop there. We also help increase a business’s visibility within our platform.

We place companies with the latest reviews at the top of their relevant categories. So, regardless of their company’s size, the more consistent reviews they have on Psydro, the more visible they’ll be.

Connecting customers with businesses

It’s crucial to build strong bonds between businesses and customers. We have seen that companies that reply to reviews are more likely to be seen in a favourable light not only by past customers but also by potential shoppers.

However, we also realised that some businesses do not have the time to reply to every review. For this reason, a company can automate this process by creating a variety of responses per star rating. This makes the whole experience for their customers truly personal whilst saving them the time they need to run their business.

A Meaningful Partnership

We believe that the best partnerships are the ones where both parties partake in a common objective. It’s about the sharing of values, interests and goals. For this reason, we are proud to be partnered with Reccobiz, a business that supports other businesses and the local community.

Through interactive communication, the sharing of information and customer testimonials, we both believe that any company has the potential to reach its business goals.

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