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Free to join

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Quick payouts

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Smart matching algorithm

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Onboarding support

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Why Choose Psydro Marketplace?

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Being the world's first social review platform, we understand what consumers want and what they are looking for. Through customer reviews, we also know what the current trends are and what is hot right now.

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By joining our Marketplace, your products will appear in different places on our website, and through our smart matching system, we will push them to consumers who are more likely to purchase them.

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With various ways of managing your inventory and adding products to the Marketplace, it doesn’t matter if you are a small company with a handful of products or a multinational corporation with thousands of listings. Whoever you are, we’ve got you covered.

Here Are Our Short Term Goals For Psydro Marketplace

short term

Our first objective has been achieved with us launching the Marketplace, but this is just the beginning...

Next, we plan to improve our onboarding process and increase the number of integrations. This will make the seller's journey with Psydro as effortless and seamless as possible. Yet, our ambition doesn't stop there.

Our short term goals are to hit the following milestones:





Product listings
active buyers


Active buyers
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We Incentivise Consumers

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To push customers to purchase on our platform, we offer all products at discounted prices. We will pass part of our commission to the consumer at the point of sale, enabling the discount, but not impacting you in any way. This means customers will be more inclined to purchase from our Marketplace as the prices will always be lower.

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How do we keep Psydro users coming back for more? Our gamified journey keeps customers on-site for longer to perform more actions within the Psydro community. Also, we offer Marketplace vouchers to Psydro users who take part in the gamification process. So, if they win, they’ll spend their rewards on your products.

Grow Your Business with Product Reviews and Returning Customers

By joining our Marketplace, you will even receive product reviews from your customers at no extra cost. Here is how your customer’s journey will look:

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We will push your products to the right buyers.

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Once they’ve bought a product from your company, we will email them, asking to review your product.

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After they have written a review, we will direct them back to your store on the Marketplace to further promote your company and purchase from you again.

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Marketplace Seller FAQ's

You simply sign up to Psydro using this link (CTA button named “Get Started” that links to business sign up) Once inside, you then must enroll into the marketplace; the whole process takes just a few minutes.
There are no fees to join, nor are there any listing fees. This really is a zero-risk opportunity; you only pay a commission when we make a sale for you.
We have a range of ways to do this, from a single manual add to bulk uploading hundreds or thousands of products at a time.
No, you do not. It's free.
We charge a 12% flat fee with no hidden charges. This is VAT inclusive with no bolted on payment processing fees, which makes us one of the cheapest marketplaces out there.
You can make changes that range from updating images, product titles and descriptions to changing prices, updating stock levels and even creating featured product listings in your “Manage Inventory” section.
No, but you must hold and ship your products from within the UK.
Yes, you can create whatever shipping methods suit your business and products. You can create multiple shipping methods by name or price and even create customised shipping methods & prices for specific products. These can be edited at any time to reflect courier changes or price increases in shipping.
No, but if you are VAT registered, you will need to provide your UK VAT number when enrolling.
This is a unique price we offer people who shop in the marketplace. This discounted price comes from our commission and does not impact you in any way.
All major debit and credit cards are accepted, plus Gpay and Apple pay. All payments are powered by Stripe.
Once the order has been delivered, we will be updated, and your funds will be paid out to your connected bank account. Payouts take around 5 working days from the point of the order being delivered.
No, we do not. We work for you, and we will never try to sell and compete with your listings; that is a promise.
Sure we can. We will automatically send the customer a product review request a few weeks after they have received the item; you do not have to lift a finger. The product reviews will populate on the product listing page for all customers to see.
Yes, we will notify you via email. You can also see new orders in your seller dash under the Orders & Payments section.
We allow you to select 40 featured products which will show on your Psydro review page. This is a great way to attract people reading your reviews into considering purchasing from you. To be clear, this is not a premium listing in the marketplace.
Psydro is a unique and fully gamified community where users can help each other and win vouchers. These vouchers can only be applied to your products. We also ensure that we learn about our users, and our smart matching algorithm will showcase your products to relevant buyers in the consumer hub. This is the next gen shopping experience for consumers.
We offer premium listings on the marketplace home page and all the category pages. Just ask us about them here at
The 7-day auto cancellation function protects the seller from incurring post 7-day cancellation fees. If you mark the order as delayed and then on the 8th day cancel the order, you will incur a 3% fee on your next payout. This will cover the payment processing fee Psydro would have incurred for capturing the payment and then refunding the payment to the customer. Only mark the order as “Delayed” if you will fulfill it to avoid this fee.
Yes, any customer can contact the seller via the Psydro ticketing system. This enables you to communicate about orders, refunds and returns in a secure location. You can handle everything from Ticket Management in the seller dash.
Yes, we can manually onboard you. Please request this via email at
When new orders come in, the status is “Pending”, and you have 7 days to act on this order. If you do not act on this order and leave it, the order will auto cancel and the customer will be alerted via email, and the funds returned to the cardholder. If you intend to ship this order but have a delay for any reason, just mark the order as “Delayed”, alerting the customer and avoiding it auto canceling.


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